Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do you require a damage deposit?

We do collect $1000 damage deposit (cost of rental plus $1000).

The damage deposit will be returned unless:

  • damages occur
  • boat is brought back dirty
  • you are late coming back

Do I need to refuel the Tritoon?


Can I bring my pet?

No, only service animals are allowed with advance notice and proper documentation. Renter assumes all risk and responsibility and will be required to supply their service animal with a life jacket and/or PFD.

Do your boats come with all needed safety equipment?

Yes, we supply all necessary safety equipment to operate our vessels legally.

Do you need a boating license?

No, anyone over 25 can rent our vessels.

How far in advance should you book a boat?

  • Weekdays, a couple of days is generally fine
  • Weekends, a week notice because weekends do fill up quickly
  • Holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day), these will fill fast, so, reserve as quickly as possible
  • We do offer a calendar to show days the boat is available

What do you mean by Non-Refundable Deposit?

  • Deposits are only refunded in the event of bad weather, 50 percent or greater chance of rain.
  • If you CANCEL FOR ANY OTHER REASON, your deposit will not be refunded. For more information, see our Rental Agreement Contract.

Do your rates include fuel?

YES! Our rates are all-inclusive.

How old must I be to rent from Riptide?

25 or older

Do you provide life jackets?

ALL LIFE JACKETS ARE PROVIDED, sizes infant/child to oversize adult.

What times can we rent?


  • Monday – Friday ( ½ day )
    • 12pm (noon) – 4pm
  • Saturday & Sunday ( ½ day )
    • 9am – 1pm
    • 2pm – 6pm


  • Monday – Friday ( by the hour )
    • 12pm (noon) – 5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday ( by the hour )
    • 9:30am – 6pm

What if I arrive late to pick up my boat?

No discounts or refunds for being late. In the event that you are going to be late, please just give us a “heads-up”.

How many people can we load on the boat?


  • Maximum 8 persons or 1200 lbs weight, whichever comes first. The weight capacity includes persons on the boat and all gear/coolers and whatever else you bring.


  • 2 adults, 2 small children and a small cooler
  • 3 adults and a small cooler
  • weight cannot exceed 650 lbs.

Overweight boats WILL NOT leave the marina!

What happens if we break something on the boat?

You break it, you bought it!  The costs incurred will be done by authorized dealer.

What happens if I get lost and cannot find my way back?

Our boats are equipped with GPS, so you are NEVER lost. We also have Sea Tow if needed.

What if a storm comes while we are out on the water?

Contact us by cell phone for specific instructions. The best place to be in a storm is anchored, taking shelter. Our summer storms do pass very quickly. If you are delayed returning to the marina by a storm, you WILL NOT be charged overtime fees, your safety is our utmost concern. However, if you then use the storm as an excuse to stay out well past your return time, we WILL charge you overtime fees! We KNOW when the storm passed the lake.

I have never driven a boat before, will you rent to me?

Yes, but please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure so we can give you a quick boating lesson. You may also consider the online Handbook of South Carolina Boating Laws and Responsibilities, click here.

May I fish from the pontoon boat?

No, you may not fish from our vessels.